Why Live Streaming is the future

Musician Live streaming on Catch
As a growing and thriving artist, how do you better connect and build a great fan base and loyal following in the coming years? In this age of internet, the most vital decision is the medium artists and creators chose to reach the audience and target consumers. Fans are starting to expect more initimate and close up experiences with their favorite artists.

The Show Must go on!

The global pandemic should not stop creators from working on their goals and dreams. In this scenario, one must look for solutions. Fortunately, the digital world has a solution for artists. Artists can make their own world using Live Streaming.

Do you know that the live streaming industry is a whopping $70 billion industry? That is right. However, it was popular before the pandemic, it has accelerated and become more prevalent than every before. As the pandemic commenced, a huge chunk of artists jumped on to live streaming to perform for their fans. But where left struggling figuring out how to best make sense of it.

“Fan are looking for more intimate, closeup and interactive online experiences”

Live streaming is the future and here to stay. Waiting for things to get normal? As an artist, you must understand that this is the new normal. Wake up and join the league. In addition, adaptability is the key to success. Keep up with the fast-paced world!

Create virtual online concerts, jamming sessions or just a simple hangout with loyal fans. Moreover, it will allow creators to better understand their fans. In addition, it will creators of all kinds such as musicians, singer, performers and more to experiment with different genres and aspects of their content.

Artist performing online live event
Live music performance

How Artists are benefitted?

For beginner artists that are finding it hard to make a fan base. With live streaming sessions, artists can hold virtual concerts and jamming sessions. Moreover, they can hold interactive sessions with their fans. In this way, they will be able to draw a bigger audience.

More Impact

Live streaming sessions can help create a better user experience and impact. Such sessions enable better and broader attention spans upto 10x more as compared to pre-recorded videos. In this way, creators are able to grasp the minds of the audience. This is not possible in in-person concerts and sessions.

“Catch is an exciting new way to create ticketed online events and grow your fanbase”
More Audience

There is no doubt that an enormous amount of people is using and consuming live streams. Daily, 7 out of 10 people tune into video content globally. This is far greater reach than an in-person concert.

Personalized and Better Fan Experience

The best thing is that artists are able to create an astounding fan experience. After all, people will love to have direct access to their favourite artists, sitting in the comfort of their homes. What can be better than that?

This improves the connection as well. You can connect with millennials and Gen Z that will understand your music or songs. They are your biggest potential fans. Do you know that 63% of the millennials and 34% of Gen Z use streaming services?

Brands, PR, and Sponsorships

As artists come into the public eye through livestreaming, brands and companies also start noticing. This increases the chances of getting brand contracts, sponsorships, offers, and opportunities. For this, make sure you are powering your social media too.

Create Monetization

After artists have created a substantial audience, they can put tickets to live concerts as well. People love to spend to see their favourite artists perform for them. This will allow to benefit from streaming financially. You also get to earn through brand deals and contracts. As an artist, you can also make your own signature merchandise and put it on retail sites.

All you need is the right Platform!

You need a live streaming platform to optimize your career and passion. As an artist, you must opt for a platform that provides the best quality, high-definition, and uninterrupted streaming to your fans. Moreover, a platform that is accessible globally provides a higher engagement rate and gives you more value. You can get all of these on one platform.

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