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How does the pricing work?
As an event organizer, you keep 100% of your ticket sales. You don’t pay anything - no monthly or per event fees either. If you set a ticket price of $10, you earn $10 for every ticket sold. Catch earns by charging fans a small service fee for each event ticket sold.
What setup do I need to broadcast live?
The easiest way to go live on Catch is by downloading our iOS or Android app. Launch app, login and Go Live! No complex setups. Or alternatively, upload your pre-recorded video and we will stream it live. iOS app on Apple App android app on Google Play store
How do I sell tickets and earn?
After you’ve created an event, you can share your unique event page link on social media sites to drive ticket sales. We will automatically initiate your payout after the event is completed.
How do fans watch the live event?
Not yet but very soon you will be. Behind the scenes, we record all your broadcasts so you can monetize it for more revenue.
This is my first time broadcasting live. I need some guidance.
Whether its your first time or not, email us at anytime and we’ll be happy to guide your through the setup and test with you.
Is my livestream public?
No, only fans that have paid for the event will be able to watch. In addition, each e-ticket is usable by only one device at a time.
Are there any event restrictions?
Yes, a few. Your events cannot be free. Currently, you cannot sell more than 500 tickets for an event. And events cannot be longer than 2 hours. Think of it this way, your events are exclusive and small group - which makes them more compelling and more likely to sell faster.
What can I livestream?
It’s really up to you. Livestream what you think fans could love to see you perform. Perhaps sing your latest album, a talkshow or try something new (such as cooking). As long as its friendly, clean and you hold all relevant copyrights to the act.
Can I personally reach out to the fans?
Not yet but very soon you will be able to email your event ticket holders.
How do I see my complete payout history?
Login into your account, go to Account Details and you will find a link to view your complete payout history. You can also manage other necessary financial information from there.